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Refreshments Knows Quality

Give us an opportunity to prove to you, and your employees, what we know best - Good Food, Good Service, Pleasant Relationships - that result in Happy Customers who stay pleased for years.

Refreshments has been serving the food service and vending needs of this region since the early 60's.

We are still filled with the enthusiasm of a young company and we are always ready for new, innovative ideas and concepts. We stay abreast of the trends in the industry - and frequently - we are the innovators!

Give us the opportunity to SHOW YOU OUR STUFF!

Customer Satisfaction

Refreshments is committed to providing our customers the highest quality products available.  Our commitment is to offer only the best and highest quality "name brand" merchandise possible.  Our years of experience has taught us that consumer confidence in known brands results in higher customer satisfaction and increased sales.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Refreshments has the experience, knowledge, and desire to provide your people with the most outstanding food service and vending available anywhere.  Givu us a chance - You won't be sorry!

Food Preparation

Refreshments houses a state-of-the-art commissary with the latest in cooking equipment and technology.

Our commissary is regularly inspected by local, state, and federal authorities. Our foods are prepared and labeled under strict guidelines established by FDA. Our commissary produces specialty sandwiches for our Avanti Markets and prepares meals for on-site plant lunches and catering events.

Accountable, Responsible, Ethical, Fair

. . . are not meaningless words or slogans at Refreshments. We take our responsibilities seriously. Your trust, and your funds, are safe and secure with us.

The latest electronic and data processing equipment  is used to insure that our record keeping is accurate, fair, ethical, and lawful.  Our records, like our facilities, are always open for your inspection.

We use management and control software specifically designed for the vending industry. Detailed inventories are maintained for every machine, route truck and warehouse.   Historical information on sales, purchasing and product usage, and comprehensive commission and sales tax calculations are preserved. The system's extensive reporting capabilities provide accountability and profitability profiles for all locations and machines.

Certificates of insurance can be provided upon request.

Refreshments delivers what we promise! 


The History of Refreshments

Over 50 years - still growing and going!

     In the early 1960's, the economy of  North Mississippi and West Tennessee was changing.  Gone were the small farms where families had gained their livelihood for generations.  In their place came INDUSTRY seeking the work ethic of the "Hill Farmers", as well as a warmer climate.

     In preparation for this change in economy, two 60-year-old Coca-Cola Bottling plants, and an enterprising young couple separately planned to meet this change through the formation of food service companies to fill the food and beverage needs of the new industries.

     Refreshments, Inc. was born in Corinth on a cold February afternoon in 1964 in the kitchen of one of the owners; it took three generations of owners all day to prepare the first sandwich order of 240 sandwiches for Tishomingo Shoe Company in Iuka.

     At exactly the same time, February 1964, 50 miles south in Tupelo, Jane and Herbert Denton were converting their garage into a warehouse to start a vending company called Vend Foods.

     Also at that same time 50 miles north in Jackson, Tennessee, the food service arm of Jackson Coke was taking shape.  As the Jackson area expanded its industrial base, Coke's vending division expanded to meet this opportunity.

     All companies grew and prospered during the ensuing years.  State-of-the-art food preparation commissaries, aggressive sales and marketing and excellent personal service resulted in both companies becoming dominate players in the food service and vending arena in a large portion of North Mississippi and West Tennessee.

     In 1990 the two companies joined forces after an acquisition of the assets of the Jackson Coca-Cola Vending and Food Service by the shareholders of Refreshments, Inc.  Refreshments of Tennessee, Inc. (RTI) was formed in October 1990.  Ten years later, in the early spring of 2000, Vend Foods came into the fold.

     Today, Refreshments of Corinth, Refreshments of Tennessee and Refreshments of Tupelo provide food service and vending for 450 industrial and institutional accounts spread over 35 counties.  This area goes from Camden, Tennessee in the north to Columbus, Mississippi in the south; to Florence, Alabama on the east and Memphis, Tennessee in the west.

     The unified ownership of the three companies creates one strong, progressive focus that is very beneficial to all the customers of all three companies.

     "Refreshments" means the same in Jackson or Corinth; in Trenton or Ripley; in Holly Springs or Huntingdon.  Refreshments and their employees are anxious to serve you for the next 50 years!

Kenneth W. Williams, President 


Refreshments Customer Guarantee

In an effort to deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers Refreshments is pleased to make promises and guarantees in the following areas:

Refreshments strives to deliver only fresh products and name-brand items that our customers recognize. Products dispensed will have uniform proportions, will be consistent in quality and appearance, and will be sold at a fair price. Vending and food service equipment will be reliable, attractive, updated and uniform in size and color.

Refreshments promises to provide timely service by dependable, well-trained service reps who are empowered and committed to helping our customers. We endeavor to have our equipment clean, adequately filled and operating for our customers. Refreshments will comply with regulations, laws, and requirements set forth by governing authorities.

Refreshments desires to provide the best possible customer service utilizing customer preference - customer choice. We strive to actively merchandise our products for the maximum benefit to our customers. Our company endeavors to offer diversified and multi faced services such as catering, office coffee, specialized vending and other areas as needed by our customers. Refreshments seeks to be progressive in word and action and to be innovative in our problem solving.

Refreshments realized its responsibility to be a good corporate citizen and will be involved and supportive in the communities it serves. Refreshments will utilize uniformed, trained professional service reps who are friendly, courteous and energetic.

Refreshments strives to give prompt repair service utilizing trained radio dispatched service technicians. Service may be obtained by calling 662.286.6051 in Corinth or 731.427.8363 in Jackson. Repair on certain equipment will be available twenty-four hours a day.



Refreshments is your one-stop shop to meet all of your employee beverage and food requirements.

Fresh food and sandwiches produced in our on-site commissary for your employees.

As a member of USConnect, a consortium of leading independent vending operators, we are able to bring additional value to the consumers. 

With USConnect and the USConnect card we offer: