Frequently Asked Questions

How often does food get replaced/refreshed in vending machines (and/or micro-markets)?
When it comes to fresh food, frequent monitoring and replacement is crucial. Even for our lowest-volume locations, the maximum interval for replenishment is one week, and we replenish most locations even more frequently.

Why does Refreshments have its own commissary?
At Refreshments, we know that a workplace runs better with better fuel. Fresh, healthy, nutritious food will help your employees be happier and more productive. In our own commissary, we can control the quality of the food we distribute, so we can guarantee that your team has access to the tastiest, most satisfying options.

What healthier options are available?
As a USConnect® affiliate, we offer “The Right Choice…for a Healthier You™" program, which provides healthy snack and meal options, as well as nutritional guidelines. If your company has specific guidelines to follow, we can easily adapt our menu to support your needs.

How do our consumers get a refund?
For purchases made with a USConnect card, the customer can contact Customer Service here or by calling (800) 211-5970. For cash or other card purchases, we work with clients to create an individualized refund policy.

How do we report a service problem?
At Refreshments, we know the importance of keeping food and beverage service up and running. If there is a problem with any of our equipment or products, please call (800) 638-5296 right away for our dispatcher to schedule a service call. We can usually respond that same day. Afternoon calls may be answered the following day, but we are committed to making every effort to resolving problems as soon as possible.

What is a USConnectMe account?
Refreshments partners with USConnect®, a consortium of industry-leading independent food service companies across the United States. Among its other benefits, USConnect®offers its affiliates membership in the USConnectMe program, a loyalty and rewards program. Accessed with a card or with a smartphone app, USConnectMe offers up-to-the-minute promotions, loyalty points, the opportunity to choose a charity to donate to, and the option of pre-loading money into customers’ accounts.

How do I know what type of services my business would support?
To design your customized solution today, please visit our Build Your Custom Solution page, or call our specialists at (800) 255-6051. We will work one-on-one with you and your staff to create the perfect solution for your team.

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