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It wasn’t too many years ago that such an idea would have seemed impossible. But with Refreshments’ Savant® Smart Vending Technology and regional commissary, freshness, health, and convenience can be just a click away.

Refreshments’ fresh food vending offers your team a constantly rotating choice of exciting gourmet items. Health-conscious employees can look for items marked with an easy-to-see heart/apple logo, indicating they are “The Right Choice…for a Healthier You™” options, especially for those who are watching their sugar, salt, and fat intake. Connoisseurs can find trendy flavors and ingredients, and those with special dietary needs can access gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free options. Our customized service makes sure we meet the needs of all your employees.

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Enjoy Next-Generation Convenience with Refreshments Vending.

  • Healthy, fresh foods in stock at all times, prepared with the freshest ingredients on-site at our regional culinary center.
  • Rewards with every purchase, through the USConnectMe loyalty and rewards program.
  • Instant Savings on a wide range of products through our ongoing monthly promotions.
  • Availability of their favorite items, ensured by our constant remote monitoring of inventory levels and the maintenance status of each machine.
  • Multiple payment options, which include Apple Pay, Google Pay, the USConnectMe card, the USConnect App, and cash, debit, and credit cards.

Explore Options for Upgrading Your Vending Solutions.

Refreshments offers a wide range of at-work snack, meal, and beverage solutions; whether you're a small business or an enormous campus, we can provide great options for your team!

Contact us today to discuss how we can increase your team’s happiness and productivity!

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